Fancy a career in design? Ask 999! Mentoring event at Gleniffer High School

18 Aug 2022

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As students, we’ve all been there: when the time to decide our future career path arrives, we look for information, advice, and guidance. It’s never easy, but sometimes it just happens that the right person shows up to share their experience and stories, and offer some clarity and reassurance.

In June, our talented Design Director, Lewis, was invited to Gleniffer High School in Paisley to hold an insightful talk to students aged between 16 and 17 who are interested in pursuing a career in design.

The invitation came through a friend of his, an art and design teacher, who’s always wished to host Lewis as a representative of the design industry. And rightfully so! Lewis’s career is long and full of exceptional projects, so if there’s someone who can mentor young talents, that’s definitely him.

The students were looking for a perspective from an insider and a chance to expand their portfolios and strengthen their college applications, so this was the perfect opportunity to learn more.

From talking the talk…

The talk lasted about two and a half hours, during which our Design Director talked about his work, from describing a typical day in the office to all phases of project management. He also showcased some of 999’s best works, including the DBA-awarded Glasgow Club project.

The young designers were extremely interested and asked many questions. These went from “how do you deal with clients' criticism?” to “what are the upsides of being creative?” and “how does the creative process work from concept to realisation?”

Of course, two-way communication requires each party to learn from the other, so Lewis also got his round of questions! He encouraged them to talk about their ways of getting inspired, what resources they use, and how they collaborate, share their ideas, and showcase their visual concepts with teachers and other students. He was also intrigued by the new design-related disciplines in their school, like graphic communication, a more digitally focused side of art and design.

Needless to say, Lewis found the experience incredibly enriching and was pleased to see how this generation is embracing traditional techniques despite advanced technology, tools, and approaches. At the same time, budget cuts mean more limited access to resources and materials like paper, fabric, and paints, meaning the students need to think more creatively and be less wasteful.

… to walking the walk!

And there’s more! Lewis didn't just talk and leave. He assigned the students a brief that required them to put their skills into practice. The brief expects them to curate their own music festival and promote it across different media channels. They'll start with choosing the music genre, headline acts, and come up with a fitting name, visual identity, and all related social communications. The students have been working on this project throughout the summer and will be finally presenting the product of their hard work in September for feedback.

Just like Lewis, at 999 we’re all excited to see what these young creative minds will cook up, so stay tuned for a follow-up post!

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