999's Mark shows off the line-up on the back of the Rockaway Beach Festival 2015 t-shirt

For those about to...get your Rockaway Beach merch, we salute you!

8 Oct 2015

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Every self-respecting music festival needs great merch which is why we were very excited when our t-shirts and tote bags for Rockaway Beach arrived in the studio this week. Anxious to look even cooler than they usually do, Mark, Catherine and Jude immediately volunteered to model for Lewis's shoot to show off the brand new music festival's wares.

Unfortunately, they forgot that a typical Lewis shoot involves standing in the cold in a highly public place for the amusement of all passers-by. The bin-men of Glasgow being particularly interested to get a closer look and offer their tips on shoot direction and modelling.

Anyway, despite the cold (thank god for colour filters) and a few sizing issues (crocodile clips were necessary), we think you'll agree, this merch rocks - even if we do say so ourselves.

Rockaway Beach - branding and logo on tote bag and line-up on t-shirt

Rockaway Beach - branding and logo on tote bag

Rockaway Beach - line-up on the back of t-shirt worn by 999 designer

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Written by

Catherine Watson, Digital Marketer at 999 Design

Catherine Watson

Digital Marketer