Arran Aromatics' window display and packaging

Arran Aromatics - 25th birthday in-store campaign

27 Nov 2014

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Project Clients: Arran Aromatics

On the strength of a successful eCommerce web build with Arran Aromatics and in-store Christmas campaign, 999 Design was approached to support the team in delivering a new window display to mark the brand’s milestone 25th birthday.

The team had decided to bring back a select number of yesteryear best-selling products in their original form and packaging to celebrate Arran Aromatics' special birthday. 999 was tasked with creating a versatile design concept that would work across different product themes and be adaptable to the varying scales of stores.

The campaign was to span a full year with well-loved Arran classics scheduled for limited re-release throughout the calendar season. Consequently, the creative needed to be easily interchangeable to allow the birthday comeback product hero status in window displays.

Our guiding philosophy was less is more. This helped create a central focus in each window to drive the eye to the hero product and we used SketchUp, 3D modelling software, to ensure proportions were right. We researched other high street retailers and explored how we could give the campaign maximum flexibility and longevity by incorporating simple colour changes, mood-lighting and seasonal props. This approach allowed the team to easily freshen up the window and provided maximum ROI.

The final creative used an interchangeable 3D timeline in the form of varying sized plinths. The individual plinths were branded for each product range that is being re-introduced, creating a physical timeline that can be rotated and updated through out the season.

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Written by

Jude Kerrigan, Director of Client Services at 999 Design

Jude Kerrigan

Director of Client Services