From concept to creation - the story behind our 'Meet The Jones' campaign

22 May 2019

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Jones Bootmaker - Spring Summer campaign 2019

Jones Bootmaker is a British brand with a rich family heritage that goes beyond just selling shoes. When 999 created their Autumn Winter 2018 campaign, we rejuvenated the brand to re-establish their traditional family values and quirky personality. For Spring Summer, we evolved this approach using the unique, hand-crafted process we had established the first time round.

Concept and process

Our concept was to visit 'The Jones’ shoe family in summertime. Using props such as strawberries, rail journeys and fun-fairs, we portrayed a quintessential British summer across the campaign. Our design inspiration came from Richard Rutledge’s surrealist, gravity-defying compositions, avoiding 'death-by-photoshop' by creating physical compositions rather than digital renders. Using an incredible amount of patience, we collaborated with photographer, Gregor Reid, to construct a scene around each shoe. The props determined the difficulty involved in creating each scene and finding the right ones, especially in good condition, was surprisingly challenging. Not even eBay has all the answers!

Process and composition

Each scene changed depending on the weight of the shoe, strength of the props, colour of the scene and design concept. Some shoes prompted constant changes in shots to attain a clear and balanced image. The process was challenging and fragile and we lost several props and glasses along the way. It took patience and continual tinkering until the team was certain that the scene was suitable for the final cut.

Final thoughts

What was most rewarding for the team was the creative journey towards the finished product. Though making the compositions could be tricky and frustrating, there was a sense of joy when all the patience and care paid off. Proof that nothing is too difficult, even when minimal editing and rendering is involved. All the campaign images are produced traditionally – which ‘The Jones’ might well appreciate.

Photography by Gregor Reid:

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