Packaging boxes for Dick Winters product range - Classic Dick, Rock Dick, Sporty Dick, Lucky Dick and Old Dick

Brand message, packaging and visual identity for Dick Winters

30 Apr 2015

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Project Clients: Dick Winters

Dick Winters is a luxury British underwear brand which launched in February 2014. The brand ethos is to create quality British-made underwear for 'real men' - not just for David Beckham lookalikes.

With men becoming tired of perfectly toned male physiques in underwear advertising, the brand had to be one that ordinary men (and women) could relate to. To achieve this, we developed Dick Winters’ brand message using the concept of traditional British values combined with a quirky sense of fun.

We devised a brand identity and logo that reinforced the luxurious ‘made in Britain’ quality message while adding a touch of tongue-in-cheek humour. With a logo incorporating a crown associated with the British Crown Jewels and the strapline ‘quintessentially British boxer shorts’, the visual identity was both classy and humorous.

To ensure a highly cost-effective packaging solution we created a single box with six interchangeable cards to represent each of the product ranges. Using six images of a stereotypically British, moustache-sporting, tweed-wearing gentleman, our packaging celebrated Dick Winters’ unique style and eccentric individuality.

On our quest to find the perfect image to represent the character ‘Dick Winters’ we collaborated with photographer, Victor Albrow, in a photoshoot with the youngest member of ‘The Handlebar Club’ in Edinburgh. We directed the shoot, styling the model into six different ‘Dicks’ for each product range - Classic Dick, Rock Dick, Sporty Dick, Lucky Dick and Old Dick.

The Result

  • The company was asked to participate in a Valentine’s pop-up shop in House of Fraser in Glasgow. Dick Winters sold more units than the best-selling in-store brands.

  • Dick Winters secured a deal to be stocked in House of Fraser in Autumn 2014

  • In spring 2015, the brand made it onto - the UK's largest curated online marketplace

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Mark Waters, Designer

Mark Waters