Spark Energy's direct debits animation on iPad screen

Animation to help Spark Energy customers understand direct debits

27 Feb 2015

1 min read

Having led the design evolution of Spark Energy, 999 was commissioned to produce an animation that would explain the company's direct debit payment plan in an engaging and informative way. The brief was for the video to be short and easy to understand, offering Spark's customers an invaluable service to keep their accounts in good shape.

Our video production team was responsible for driving all the elements in the production pipeline: devising the storyboard, developing the characters, sourcing the voice and directing VO recording sessions. Our animators also produced an audio loop edited from their existing 'welcome' animation soundtrack. During post-production, the sound and video were edited together to create a seamless educational piece.

Building on the close connections the energy company already enjoys with its customers, the video has given Spark the ability to educate and connect with their customers on their website. Give it a watch and see what you think:

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Written by

Paul Humphreys, Senior Designer

Paul Humphreys

Senior Designer