Smart Energy GB creative by 999 Design - say hello to a smarter Britain

How we helped Smart Energy GB connect with customers

6 Oct 2015

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Smart Energy GB is the national campaign for the new smart meter rollout - the biggest national infrastructure project in our lifetime. It’s their task to help everyone in Britain understand how to use the new smart meters to keep their gas and electricity under control.

To help spread the message, the campaign's marketing team tasked us with the design and management of a bespoke exhibition stand to be used across UK venues over the summer - the final stop being this year’s Conservative Party conference in Manchester.

As the aim was to bring the smart meters to life in a tangible space, we delivered the mock-ups in 3D to give the designs a chunky, hands-on feel:

Smart Energy GB creative by 999 Design - say hello to a smarter Britain

One of the key challenges of the brief was to ensure that the stand designs would be flexible enough to adapt to a number of different spaces throughout its ‘tour’.

Smart Energy GB exhibition stand build

Through the creation of a ‘street scene’, we introduced a sense of reality with real life testimonials to show the benefits of a smart meter. We also ensured that Gaz and Leccy, the pivotal characters in the brand's consumer-facing campaign, had a starring role in the stand.

Smart Energy GB exhibition stand

Knowing that there would be major competition for attention at each event, we focused on creating a WOW factor to help Smart Energy GB stand out from the crowd. By highlighting the brand's unique story and ambition, we created an engaging space to allow Smart Energy GB to communicate with stakeholders as effectively as possible.

Smart Energy GB exhibition stand - client with representative

Alex Klement, Designer in 999's London studio said: "Our aim was to ensure the Smart Energy GB exhibition stand would entice passers-by to find out more. Making the space as eye-catching as possible we added depth through 3D elements which were used to highlight key customer messages and bring out the benefits of Smart Energy meters. To showcase the product in a working situation, we designed a large 3D house which also served as a transition to an ‘indoors environment’."

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