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Why we jumped at the chance to make the Scottish Business Pledge

19 Feb 2016

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As soon as we learned about the Scottish Business Pledge - a voluntary commitment to uphold the principles of fairness, equality, opportunity and innovation at work - we knew it was a no-brainer to sign up. The pledge has nine core principles, all of which have been a natural part of our business ethos since day one.

The nine pledges we are committed to upholding:

  • Paying the living wage
  • Committing to an innovation programme
  • Pursuing international business opportunities
  • The appropriate use of zero hours contracts
  • Supporting progressive workplace policies
  • Supporting Invest in Youth
  • Making progress on gender balance and workplace diversity
  • Playing an active role in the community
  • Paying suppliers promptly

Making the pledge was simple common sense. As a business, we couldn't survive without a loyal and happy workforce and we are all keen to have a role in driving competitiveness and tackling inequalities in Scotland.

Our director and founding partner, Bill Gaughan, had this to say:

"For 999, it was an easy decision to sign up to the Scottish Business Pledge. As a company that’s survived and thrived for over 30 years, we know that investing in our staff is the best way to keep our clients satisfied. Our business relies on the dedication of our workforce so nurturing a healthy and motivated working culture is integral to our values.

By signing the pledge, we are making a strong statement to our clients, stakeholders and staff that we are a progressive company with a commitment to investing in youth, paying a living wage and playing a role in the wider community. Having long upheld these values, we are delighted to join other socially responsible businesses in making the pledge so we can play our part in building a stronger creative sector in Scotland."

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For an overview of all the other Scottish businesses that have joined us in taking the pledge, check out the Pledge Wall page on the Scottish Business Pledge website.

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Written by

Catherine Watson, Digital Marketer at 999 Design

Catherine Watson

Digital Marketer