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Standing out in the Underground: our latest ad campaign for LSE

14 Jun 2016

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The first of our two new ads for The London School of Economics (LSE) has launched across 25 tube and DLR stations to support the university’s recruitment drive for its Executive Global Masters in Management course (EGMiM).

Our 2015 ad campaign to promote the EGMiM course was given a new, London-focused twist to engage the city’s busy commuters.

Advertising creative for LSE in London's Underground

The bold message aims to resonate in the London Underground environment and stand out from the transport system’s advertising noise at key stations including London Bridge. The ads will be seen by thousands of commuters over the term and aims to endorse LSE’s position as a leading London institution.

Advertising creative for LSE in London's Underground

Liz Griffith, Senior Marketing and Communications Officer in the LSE's Department of Management said: Both ads are great. They’re bold and distinctive and will give us the standout we need in busy London stations.

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