Peak Scientific - print advertising around Scottish innovation for the US market

Peak Scientific - brand communications for the US market

16 Sep 2014

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Project Clients: Peak Scientific

Peak Scientific is a leading Scottish gas generator manufacturer that exports to countries around the globe. 999 Design’s relationship with Peak began in 2009 when they were tasked with re-energising the company's brand identity to reflect their ‘locally global’ ethos. This was followed by multiple on and offline campaigns, exterior product design and the introduction a multi-lingual CMS website. Our brand strategy secured a 5% growth in Peak's market share and a dramatic increase in sales, which lead to 999 receiving a DBA Design Effectiveness Award.

999's role as strategic partner has continued and most recently we collaborated with Peak to develop a fresh messaging approach for the fiercely competitive US market. The brief was to deliver brand communications that would resonate deeply with the local audience and culture whilst providing stand out.

Central to Peak’s brand identity and reputation are its high-quality, innovative products and exemplary customer service. However, as relatively new players in the American market they needed to make a serious splash with their communications to quickly build brand awareness.

999 aimed to build weight into their established honest, yet quirky, brand personality by applying a more authoritative and fact-based tone of voice. And, inspired by Churchill’s quote, …of all the small nations of this earth, perhaps only the ancient Greeks surpass the Scots in their contribution to mankind, decided to build a campaign theme around the Scottish heritage of innovation.

This enabled 999 to create a messaging platform that capitalized on the company’s Scottish roots and the nation’s long history of inventions including: design of the Buick car, ultrasound, penicillin and the lightbulb.

The highly distinctive campaign has launched at exhibitions as well as in direct emailers and printed publications.

Peak Scientific - gas generators advertisement

Peak Scientific - gas generators advertisement

Peak Scientific - gas generators advertisement

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Jude Kerrigan, Director of Client Services at 999 Design

Jude Kerrigan

Director of Client Services