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Gekko website features in ProcessWire's 'site of the week'

16 Sep 2015

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We're always looking for ways to make life easier for our clients and actively seek out the best tools for online content management. Over the summer, we embarked on a rebranding project with field marketing experts Gekko, which included the design and development of a responsive website using ProcessWire CMS.

Our digital team love the flexibility of the CMS and we are all chuffed with the result, but what better recommendation than to have the creators of the technology endorse your work? We're thrilled the site has been chosen as ProcessWire's 'site of the week' – a feature that promotes the best web design from within their CMS user community. We came up with some neat solutions to enhancing the overall user experience and incorporating Gekko's new visual identity in a device-friendly way, so it's fantastic to receive recognition from the experts.

"They've done a pretty awesome job: the visual identity feels refreshing, and the site has a very nice and modern feel to it. Both are simple yet effective, just the way we like it.

Some of the highlights of the site include a responsive mobile-first design, the neat expertise wheel feature, a well functioning prev/next navigation for various content types, and a nice touch of custom styling for the embedded Google Maps views. It's the little details that make the site feel so alive and compelling – definitely a job well done!"

ProcessWire logo and Gekko logo

Find out all about our full Gekko rebranding story by reading the case study.

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David Johnson, Digital Designer

David Johnson

Senior Digital Designer