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Making customers king - how we put customer service at the heart of TenTel's user experience

18 Apr 2016

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Back in 2014, 999 helped telecoms market disruptor, TenTel inject some much-needed personality into the industry with a fresh, distinctive brand and modern, self-service website.

Fast forward nearly two years and TenTel's business focus has shifted from being primarily partner driven to more consumer-centred. This change in target market called for a redesign of their website to put customer service at the heart of TenTel's website.

We’ll have our full TenTel case study on our website soon, but, in the meantime, here's a quick rundown of our approach to the redesign and our story with TenTel so far.

Overview of the main new features and updates

The website was restructured to be clearer in terms of TenTel's core products and services by introducing a simple navigation aimed squarely at the consumer market. A new Live Chat service was integrated as well as key improvements to the Help area to streamline the customer sign up process, improve conversions and reduce drop off rates.

How the redesign has improved the site's user experience

The updates stem from a shift in brand direction with the aim of providing a friendly, more inviting consumer-focused experience. Core product and service information is now displayed in a more easily digestible format with a super streamlined signup process. One of our key objectives was to improve the presentation of upfront costs with user interface enhancements to make customer data entry more straightforward.

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How the website reflects TenTel's brand and values

The softly rounded typeface of the logo, the bright modern colour palette and unique photography style all convey a modern brand with personality and customer focus. Through features like Live Chat and a warm, human tone of voice, the website connects on a personal as well as a practical level, reflecting the brand’s values of trust and reliability.

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The design inspiration behind the TenTel brand

The brand was created around the idea of being open and ‘in-touch’ with customers while offering excellent value and a great service. On the website, the branding is reflected in the responsive, user-centred design based around simple calls-to-action and clear visual signposts.

Why TenTel and 999 are ideal partners

As a results-driven creative agency, our no.1 motivation is always to create effective design work that has a positive, measurable impact on the business objectives of our clients. With TenTel being a newcomer in a highly competitive market, we knew that a distinctive brand and a reliable, responsive website would be key to the company’s success. Our clients’ success is our success and that’s what underpins everything we do as an agency.

Want to know more?

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Catherine Watson, Digital Marketer at 999 Design

Catherine Watson

Digital Marketer