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Visual identity for Affinity Sutton - clarity in a jargon-filled housing market

16 Dec 2015

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Affinity Sutton is a national housing association with 57,000 properties across over 120 local authorities in England. Their marketing team approached us to devise a visual identity for their Shared Ownership scheme and promote the campaign to help tenants take their first steps onto the housing ladder.

As lead designer on the campaign, the Shared Ownership offering presented myself and the team with a particularly interesting challenge. We quickly discovered that due to the confusing terminology surrounding the shared ownership market, potential house buyers often don’t understand which product is suited to them or how shared ownership actually works.

A relatively unknown brand in the housing market, there was the additional challenge of positioning the association so consumers would choose to buy through Affinity Sutton rather than a competitor.

In order to engage the target audience, we created a bold and recognisable visual identity with the flexibility to roll out across a variety of channels from web banners and brochures to press advertising and signage.

Taking a highly visual approach to inform, educate and motivate, we selected key words, coupled with a very ‘human’ and ‘approachable’ tone of voice. Jargon was put firmly aside to help people navigate this tricky area:

  • SO – to explain what Shared Ownership is and how it works
  • WE – to raise Affinity Sutton’s experience and brand
  • GO – to prompt action

Affinity Sutton brochure spreadShared Ownership brochure spread

Affinity Sutton brochure coverShared Ownership brochure cover

Affinity Sutton website on desktopShared Ownership website

Several months since launch, uptake of the service has increased and feedback has been very encouraging:

Bob Beaumont, sales director at Affinity Sutton, said: “999 has cut through the challenges of communicating Shared Ownership to help us promote this fantastic route for first-time buyers to get on the property ladder.”

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Written by

Katie Gaughan, Designer

Katie Gaughan

Managing Director