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From Volkswagen Beetle to Carlsberg - campaigns we wish we'd worked on

16 Sep 2015

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Following last week's post on campaigns we wish we'd had the chance to work on, here's the second instalment of branding and advertising envy from the studio(s).

Carlsberg 'probably the best...' ad campaigns

- Oli Fisher, Designer, London

I've always wanted to work on Carlsberg's 'probably the best' advertising. With each piece of work, there is always a creative pun that links both company and subject together. Witty and irreverent, they are always one of the first to respond to trending events such as Protein World's controversial 'beach body' advert.

I was lucky enough to be able to head down to Carlsberg's poster by the Truman Brewery when it was in London, which, of course, lived up to their message of 'probably the best poster in the world' as it was giving out free beer!

Volkswagen Beetle ad campaigns

- Lewis Macintyre, Design Director, Glasgow

The Volkswagen Beetle ad campaigns in the 1950s by Doyle Dane Bernbach (DDB) were simple but also charming, warm and humorous. DDB turned car advertising on its head by adopting an irreverent, gutsy tone of voice that often poked fun at the Beetle and 100% got away with it. They set the tone that small cars were a good thing (an alien concept to most Americans), that frugality was the new USP, that the quirky ugliness of the beetle was actually desirable.

I admire the single-mindedness of the white space, black and white photography and use of only one font. Even when colour print became more of an option, the designers resisted using it.

The tone and art direction has inspired many campaigns since, most significantly in the advertising of Apple's product range almost half a decade later.

Volkswagen Beetle 1950s ad campaign 'it's easy to push'

Volkswagen Beetle 1950s ad campaign 'Think Small'

London 2012 Olympics brand

- Lisa Grace, Design Director, London

There's no question that the London Olympics 2012 needed an identity that pushed the boundaries and the brand that Wolff Olins created did exactly that. Moreover, it inspired a whole host of incredible rollout by other agencies for what may have been the most cohesively branded games ever. Every touch point was brilliantly considered and the challenging spirit of that identity was at the heart of it all. From the logo which smartly worked with a vast range of sponsors, to various aspects of the Olympic Park itself: the pictograms, event guides, medals, podiums, the torch and that amazing cauldron!

London Olympics 2012 - branding

Airbnb 'belong anywhere' rebrand

- Aileen Geraghty, Managing Director, London

Controversial when the new mark and brand identity were unveiled in summer 2014, the Airbnb rebrand has really come together and works a treat. The various campaign and brand elements bring it all to life. It's warm, inclusive, and aims to make you feel at home - wherever you are in the world. Who doesn't want to 'belong anywhere'?

Airbnb now represents dream travel destinations, beautiful spaces, places and experiences as well as having a nosey around other people's fabulous homes! Right up my street.

Airbnb - 2014 rebrand

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