Our frightfully tasty 999 Halloween bake-off

30 Oct 2015

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What better combination than cake, charity and halloween? A truly winning combination for the 999 team, so we readied our shovels - I mean spatulas - to compete in a spooktacular bake-off. With all our pennies going to Children in Need, no idea was too grisly and so Pumpkin Puke Pie, Graveyard Cake and Oreo Eyeballs began to occupy the office.

Luckily for our bellies, none of the fudgy spiders or bat-shaped cookies were able to escape our eager eyes. The team happily 'judged' away after snapping some pictures of the entries.

Which is your favourite entry?

Our spooktacular array of cakes

Delicious Pumpkin Puke Pies

Fancy a Spider Fudge Cake?

A truly frightening arrayBogey Pie

Scrumptious graveyard cakeSugary spookiness

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