Team 999 tour Vascutek's clean rooms

We cleaned up our act for a tour of new client, Vascutek's clean rooms

7 Aug 2015

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Our kick-off meeting with new client Vascutek, a leading global medical device manufacturer, took place last week.

Team 999 donned fetching CSI gear to tour one of Vascutek's clean rooms (see below!). The materials are all made on-site, including the knitting of the fabric.

It was fascinating to see the process which is largely done by hand and relies on traditional crafts such as sewing.

Jude, Richard and John-Paul on a tour of Vascutek's clean rooms

Jude, Richard and John-Paul rock the laboratory-chic look with Vascutek

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Written by

Jude Kerrigan, Director of Client Services at 999 Design

Jude Kerrigan

Director of Client Services