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The highs and lows of tackling the London Triathlon 2015

10 Aug 2015

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So the London Triathlon 2015 has finally been and gone. It was an awesome day and well worth the five long months of training six days a week and the overwhelming feeling of wanting to cry and run away about half an hour before start time.

I completed it in a time of 01:41:53 (including transitions) with 00:16:35 swim, 00:46:45 bike and 00:26:03 run. I made it into the top 27% of female finishers and top 47% overall.

As someone who, up until the end of May, had never swam in open water, hasn't been on a bike in 19 years and isn't overly in love with running, this was a massive personal achievement.

But most importantly, with the support of my family, friends and colleagues, I raised a great amount of money for the wonderful charity, Prostate Cancer UK. Huge thanks to everyone who donated!

In case anyone was waiting to see if I actually pulled it off, my page will be open for donations until the beginning of September.

Here are a few photographs of my triathlon day:

London Triathlon 2015 - the swim start

Towards the dreaded swim start...

London Triathlon 2015 - Lisa on her bike

Only about 1K into the cycle route, before thigh burn started to kick in...

London Triathlon 2015 - crowds and triathletes around the Thames

Crowds and triathletes around the Thames

London Triathlon 2015 - Lisa enjoys a beer

And a well-earned finish line beer...

London Triathlon 2015 - Lisa's medal

I don't think anybody's noticed yet, but I'm going to be wearing this under my clothes for about the next month...

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