Scary movie posters reimagined by 999 Design

Scary movie posters given a 999 (or is that 666?) Halloween make-over

30 Oct 2015

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Knowing that our designers love a creative challenge, we asked the team to put an alternative spin on their favourite horror movie posters. With a frighteningly short deadline, the work weary souls had to summon their supernatural design powers to create a poster in the short minutes between work and sleep. The results are scarily good:

American Psycho

Oli Fisher, Designer

American Psycho poster reimagined by 999


Paul Humphreys, Senior Designer

Psycho poster reimagined by 999

Return to Oz

David Johnson, Digital Designer

Return to Oz poster reimagined by 999


Lewis Macintyre, Design Director

Halloween poster reimagined by 999

Supernatural / Extraordinary

Lisa Grace, Design Director

Scary poster by 999

28 Days Later

Craig Ferguson, Digital Designer

999 Designs poster

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