999 designer and Glasgow City Arts founder doing a spot of wildlife photography at the Turner Prize exhibition in Glasgow's Tramway

Mark finds himself in the frame at this year's Turner prize

2 Oct 2015

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With the Turner prize opening in Glasgow's Tramway this week, 999 designer and Glasgow City Arts founder, Mark Waters, was thrilled to get hold of a press pass to cover the show for the GCA website. However, judging by the Guardian newspaper's coverage, Mark 'squatting with camera and fur coats' was an eye-catching sight in itself!

999 designer and Glasgow City Arts founder doing a spot of wildlife photography at the Turner Prize exhibition in Glasgow's Tramway

© Murdo Macleod for the Guardian

Sadly, you won't see Mark in action if you make it down to the Tramway over the next few months but this year's Turner prize does feature opera singing, architecture and, for the first time, DIY crafts. Check out our round-up for a glimpse of each nominated artist's work.

Turner Prize 2015

Tramway visitor watching film - part of 'Patterns' by Turner Prize artist, Bonnie Camplin

Bonnie Camplin

Patterns, the work by Bonnie Camplin, encourages the same mode of critical thinking by presenting a library of books and collated research materials. His work consists of a wide range of mediums from drawing to film and much more which aim to question consciousness and reality. - © Rachel Boyd, Glasgow City Arts

Opera singers performing as part of Janice Kerbel's Turner Prize entry

Janice Kerbel

Janice Kerbel, another nominee, is infamous for starting each new project by learning an entirely new skill. Her nominated work, entitled 'Doug', was originally commissioned by Glasgow's Common Guild in 2014. It is an operatic piece composed of several songs, which exist in the gallery by way of several trained opera singers. - © Rachel Boyd, Glasgow City Arts

Fur coats on Marcel Breuer chairs - part of Nicole Wermer's 'Infrastrucktur' installation

Nicole Wermers

Vintage fur, sown into the back of the chairs, create the illusion of presence whilst also being pitifully empty. Some chairs face each other, emulating a conversation long since abandoned by their guests. In my mind, the topic of conversation verges on a social commentary. At first glance, Wermers is presenting a claim of space; a status, mutual yet impersonal, that is cold and affecting. - © Rachel Boyd, Glasgow City Arts

Brochures and doorknobs - part of London based architecture collective, Assemble's installation


A new first for Turner Prize is a London-based architecture collective by the name of Assemble. The communal nature of 18-part collective Assemble is another tribute in considering all forms as art, and art existing in all forms, even in the Grecian reworking of Liverpudlian Council houses. - © Rachel Boyd, Glasgow City Arts

This year's Turner Prize is open to the public seven days a week until the 17th of January. It's the first time an arts award of its kind has been in Scotland so we truly hope as many people as possible make it along. For more information on the show and the venue, visit www.tramway.org.

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Catherine Watson, Digital Marketer at 999 Design

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