All in for Change
Brand Identity

All in for Change is a network of organisations and individuals across Scotland with a shared mission to end homelessness for good. Their radical new approach required a bold and original brand identity.


The client needed an memorable identity to showcase the positive impact of All in for Change and help change the conversation around homelessness in Scotland. With a broad target audience ranging from policy makers to service users, they wanted to communicate how the actions of their team bridges the gap between policy, planning and grassroots action.


By defining the core values and personality of the brand we created the 'All in for Change' name and campaign identity. The decisive, positive and collaborative strategic approach is reflected in a concise messaging system and bold visual approach.

Visual identity

We applied thought-provoking statements in a modern typeface set against a vivid colour palette to give the messaging maximum impact. A sense of optimisim is conveyed through the brand photography to allow the conversation on homelessness to be radically reframed.


A bold new platform which enables the All in for Change team to challenge and change prevailing perceptions, actions and systems around homelessness.

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