Hare & Tortoise for Fremantle
Brand Creation

Fremantle, one of the leading creators, producers and distributors of television brands in the world, approached us to create the branding for a new UK production label, Hare & Tortoise. The label is a part of Fremantle’s wider strategic move to develop specialist production labels across its entertainment folio and replaces established scripted label Retort.

The label brings together the established talent of Managing Director Jon Rolph and Creative Director Claire Nosworthy. The duo bring a wealth of experience in comedy and entertainment including Chewing Gum, Birds of A Feather, The IT Crowd and MasterChef.

Hare & Tortoise are investing in new talent, working cross-genre and looking to discover new scripts, formats and fresh talent as well as the established. Our new identity would have to reflect this bold new spirited collaboration.

We started by meeting the team to get a sense of how they wanted to be represented. The personalities and ambition came through right away and gave us the brief we needed to create a brand mark which carried the right balance of humour and heritage to convey their message and attract the calibre of talent they were looking for.

The name inspired a character to be developed as a secondary brand asset, the ‘Haretoise’, is a nod to the tongue in cheek sense of humour the duo represent.

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