Creating a consumer-focused brand identity for a B2B company

Moda manufactures and designs medical devices and develops interactive IFU software apps. They are a supply chain expert in providing their customers, and the global medical and diagnostics sectors, with reliable products, modern solutions and first-class service. Agility, efficiency and speed are at their core.

Female scientist with lab glasses


We were appointed by Hutchison International to develop a new brand identity, including a name and a more consumer-focused brand proposition for their B2B medical device supplier.

MODA brand gradient - purples, blues and pinks


Through a series of brand workshops, competitor research and target audience research we redefined the proposition. We developed a new name and a flexible strapline which would tell the world exactly what Moda do.

MODA logo


The new name Moda coming from the Latin for ‘method’ added a sense of meaning and purpose. The straplines focus on the quality of the products, the robustness of the supply chains and the innovation of the business, allowing the brand to flex across all communications and services.

MODA brand guide

Visual identity

An associative visual identity was created including colour palette, typography and photography which firmly positioned Moda as an innovator within their field. The fluid nature of visual identity communicates innovation and creativity and the precision and agility of the brand are highlighted in the wordmark and logo.  


A purposeful and solid new identity was created with messaging to confirm Moda’s first-class servicing and agile positioning, this was applied through a new visual and verbal language for the brand.

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