Seeking to further drive growth through expanding their direct offering, finance group 1st Stop approached us to realise their ambition of creating a new 'consumer focused' lender that would blend highly experienced people with new financial technology to create a seamless lending experiences for it's customers.


From naming right through to roll-out, our task was to make this people’s champion a reality through a distinctive, friendly visual and verbal approach. 


Bringing this customer-centric purpose to life we developed the overarching concept and enabling spirit of ‘Beyond Borrowing’. A pioneering force for change within the lending industry built to empower customers so they can achieve and progress through life.

The new brand name 'Oplo', a stylised abbreviation of ‘loans for life's opportunities’ reflects this positive and proactive approach. 


With a visual and verbal approach that utilises vibrant and morphic gradients, bright sunny imagery with a bold and contemporary colour palette. The Oplo brand defines the personal and pioneering approach which is a new way that's beyond borrowing. 

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