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The world’s rainforests are being destroyed at a rate of 1 acre per second. That’s 2 acres gone in the time you’ve taken to read this so far. Established for over 25 years, RFUK’s work centres on protecting the rights of indigenous people living in the most endangered rainforests – with the belief that protecting these rights will ultimately lead to the protection of these unique ecosystems.

Rainforest Foundation UK rebrand results


The focus of the new identity has seen a more compelling, coherent story brought to life across a range of communications – better reflecting the true nature of the work of RFUK. This has helped secure important policy development meetings with Whitehall and opened doors to new commercial partnerships, as well as generating heightened public awareness with increased donations and social media engagement.

Rainforest Foundation UK literature - indigienous people's rights

The challenge ...

RFUK are a small charity facing huge obstacles. In a crowded charity market they needed to achieve greater cut through in order to demonstrate the human importance of their work and encourage support. They also needed to more effectively showcase their achievements and ambitions, engaging with a diverse audience – from policy makers to the man on the street.

Rainforest Foundation UK website design

What we did ...

Brand positioning & identity

RFUK are unique within the sector, with a focus on people – their homes, history and livelihoods and this became the focus for the new positioning and identity. Genuine and emotive imagery along with compelling messaging is used to give indigenous people and RFUK a distinct voice. Photography taken in the field alongside simple use of colour and typography gives a bold confidence that is also crucially easy to manage within limited budgets and internal resource.

Rainforest Foundation UK brand guidelines by 999 Design

Communications strategy and rollout

Flexibility was built into the identity, allowing greater relevance in communications to a range of key audiences – from weighty reports directed at government, public awareness campaigns and appeals for donations, to educating school children. The introduction of smart infographics also helps to highlight achievements and presents complex findings in a clear way.

Rainforest Foundation UK - DBA winner

Life changing and award winning appeals

We delivered a hard-hitting campaign to raise funds to protect the rights and map the lands of the Bagyeli Pygmies of Cameroon, who are being displaced from their homes due to industrial logging for commercial plantations. Led by the new brand we created a sense of urgency while telling an emotive story from the perspective of indigenous communities. The campaign raised £14,213, 78% above target and a 99% increase on previous years – earning us a DBA Design Effectiveness Award.

Louise Morriss from RFUK said…

“ Our new brand will enable the organisation to evolve in a way that I don’t believe has been possible before. In fact, it is clearly already starting to do this, which is very exciting to see. RFUK is a very small organisation that already punches well above its weight and it is fantastic that a leading agency like 999 is helping us do justice to our communications, with each one playing a vital role on the long journey towards achieving positive change.”

Rainforest Foundation UK - marketing and advertising creative

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