Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew
Event Branding

Creating the big idea for Kew's Summer Festival 2014 to bring to life the theme – 'how plants can positively effect your body, mind and spirit'. Ensuring the creative solutions positioned Kew as a great day out and a must-see attraction.


Successfully positioned Plantasia as a ‘full-day’ out leading to: 560,229 total visitors - 19% above target 236,275 paid visitors - 7% above target


Creating a solution to capture the essence of the festival whilst exposing the various activities on offer. The concept needed to attract new audiences by challenging perceptions of Kew whilst not alienating Kew’s loyal, more mature, audiences.


A naming solution that positioned the festival to feel like a destination and visually showed the great activities contained in this unique work. Illustrator Andrew Lyons was commissioned to realise our concept.

Outdoor banners for Plantasia 2014 brought the campaign to life in Kew Gardens
The Plantasia 2014 campaign featured on underground billboards across London

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