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Thales is a global technology leader which invests in 'deep tech' innovations such as big data, artificial intelligence and cybersecurity. With ambitions to become the go-to brand for trusted digital identity services, they needed help to drive awareness of their credentials in the digital identification and authentication space.


Our challenge was to position Thales as the world leader in delivering trusted digital identity services to ensure the frictionless authentication of users and IoT devices around the globe. With governments, businesses and individuals relying on authentication services to verify the identities of people and things, Thales wanted to be known for championing the responsible adoption of an official identity. Their ambition was for the name Thales to become synonymous with trusted digital identity services on a global level. 


By immersing ourselves in interviews, case studies and consumer research we were able to identify what makes Thales different and use this research to create an approach that would reinvigorate the thinking and messaging around digital identity and authentication technology. As well as inform, we wanted to inspire: to give Thales something visionary and more compelling to say than others in the same space.


A campaign that positions Thales right at the heart of everyday life, enabling people, businesses and governments to have confidence in the digital interactions that take place every minute of every day. By putting digital identity front and centre, Thales stands out from its competitors and delivers a clear bold message which cements the company's position as a trusted, world leading brand for the future.

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