Women’s Enterprise Scotland (WES) is a non-profit organisation founded in 2011, aimed at helping and supporting businesses led or owned by women. By collaborating with local, national, and international partners, WES promotes gender equality, diversity, and inclusivity to improve the business ecosystem, trigger innovation, and stimulate productivity.


WES told us their brand needed a new direction. It was time to create a defined identity, so they commissioned a complete brand refresh that would include a new visual identity, messaging, and a considered vision and values to make the brand flexible and future-proof.


We kicked off the process with several workshops to better understand the sector and redefine WES’s brand positioning. Once we gathered enough data, we were able to create a logo that was fresh, dynamic, and clean and that could embody the company's fundamental concept of ‘shared experiences’. Indeed, the stylised ‘W’, formed by different points and lines, symbolises people collaborating to mentor, champion, and empower women in enterprise. The new colour palette mainly included earth tones, like dark green, dark blue, and similar gradients, all subtle nuances to express growth and progress.


Our approach was as flexible as possible since WES required a solution they could embrace and manage themselves. In particular, images and words had to go hand in hand and share the same calm, positive, empowering mood. Our guidelines offered clear direction on both, proposing optimistic overarching messages and inspiring images and words to use in different scenarios following the key concept.

Lewis Macintyre - Design Director

“Working with WES was a great experience. It was uplifting and inspiring to see the client so involved, proactive and empowered. They felt like an active part of the project, and when this happens, you know it was a success. We’ll be honoured to work with them again.”

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