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Westpoint Homes is a UK-based property company that specialises in building high-quality contemporary apartments and luxury houses. As a long-standing client, they recently appointed us to create a couple of visual identities to promote two exciting new developments in Glasgow.

Campaign One – Cottonyards

Westpoint's New Gorbals development wasn’t as easy a sell as some of their other locations. As it consisted of both a converted mill and a brand new build, we needed to find a name that worked for both and balance the desire to highlight the iconic Twomax building's industrial history with the need to create a unique identity for the development - something that would make people sit up and take notice.


We settled on the name Cottonyards to pay homage to the building's history as a garment factory and cotton weaving mill. The logotype features a contemporary stencil font that nods to its industrial heritage in a modern and fresh way.

Visual identity

Inspired by the stamped machine cards used in industrial knitting and weaving, the Cottonyards visual identity features a bold graphic pattern. This pattern is used on the laser-cut cover of the brochure, which also features strong colours and bold patterns throughout. Some pages of the brochure are enhanced with a subtle inline varnish to create visual interest.

Campaign two – Quarter West

For Westpoint Homes, this small development marked their debut in the Partick area, so they wanted to make a strong statement. The area has a rich industrial history but is now gentrified, which presented a challenge in capturing the essence of the neighborhood.


During the naming process, we presented options with historical references and others that highlighted Westpoint's arrival as a builder in Partick. Ultimately, the client chose the name Quarter West, which has a sophisticated and metropolitan feel. The name also references the West End and Partick's location just to the west of the city and Kelvingrove Park.

Visual identity

Quarter West's look and feel draws inspiration from various motifs found in the development's architectural, cultural, sporting and industrial past. These elements are brought together in a modular grid, making the identity flexible and scalable. The logo features a square with one corner pointed due west and aligned with the angle of the 'W' in West. The overall identity is architectural, geometric and grid-like, with a playful and precise edge.

Jackie Spencer, Marketing Manager

We have worked with 999 Design for a number of years and have a great working relationship with all of the team involved. They are very professional, friendly, approachable, enthusiastic and patient. We produced a detailed development brief on our new developments and, together, we have created some outstandingly innovative designs which capture the very essence of our developments and ensure that we stand out from the crowd. 

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