Wheatley Group
Branded Architecture

As a core design supplier to Wheatley Group subsidiaries we were thrilled to take on the complete design of their inaugural flagship HQ. Work comprised internal architecture of two large reception areas and the branded look and feel throughout all five floors of the space.


This state of the art facility has opened up new collaborations and partnerships for the group, with the design of the space supporting the brand’s position as one of Europe’s largest and most effective social landlords. We have since developed four more subsidiary facilities for the brand.


As a client ambitious for change, the project timeline was just ten months from brief to completion and occupation. Then a nascent brand, Wheatley Group had just started forming and so provided the opportunity to bring the brand to life, establishing it across a range of new touchpoints.


Making the brand core to the space, we developed internal architecture for reception areas and their educational facility – The Academy. We created a brand look and feel across all floors, coordinating finishes, lighting, furnishings, manifestations, as well as the boardroom, wayfinding and a range of creative brand installations.

Wheatley Group - interior branding and design in situ
Wheatley Group - interior branding and design in situ
Wheatley Group - branded office space
Wheatley Group - interior branding and design in situ

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