Alba Bank
Brand Creation

To create a unique brand proposition for a start-up challenger bank with a niche focus and an ambitious growth strategy. The client’s initial audience target was B2B, providing lending and saving solutions to SMEs looking for investments of between £100K and £5M. In general, SMEs are underserved by high street banks so there was a clear funding gap in this space. 

Alba Bank was borne out of the bank’s roots but the name had to evoke a more contemporary UK-wide appeal and land well amongst the savvy fintech set. Our solid, yet visually playful brand mark adds gravitas to a vibrant, people-focussed identity. Our brand and messaging positions Alba as the bank for business, for people, for you. 

The board’s expertise paved the way for a brand with a clear vision and purpose. Our solution had to wrap up the gravitas and pragmatism of Scottish banking heritage with new values like agility and sustainability – a new bank, but one that was wholly credible and approachable. 


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