Working strategically across all sectors, our approach is creative, collaborative, and most importantly - it delivers. Guided by insights, driven by creativity and inspired by people, we create the market leading brands of tomorrow. 

So let’s take on tomorrow together.



Brand Consultancy

We combine over four decades of award-winning branding experience with insight driven, data-led, digital transformation expertise, to create the intelligent brands that connect more powerfully with customers. 

What we offer:
— Brand Audit
— Brand Strategy
— Brand Positioning
— Brand Naming
— Brand Tone of Voice
— Brand Messaging
— Brand Architecture
— Brand Animation & Film

Brand Creation

Dynamic times need dynamic businesses.

And every dynamic business needs a living, breathing brand. A truly intelligent brand is the result of exceptional creativity turning deep, data-driven insights into compelling personal stories. We believe that intelligent brands have the power to change the world. 

We have been creating brands that truly make a difference since 1982 and we have the design effectiveness credentials to prove it. 


In this world of constant change, fast growing brands must transform to maintain connection with their consumers. It has never been more important to build trust and meet customer expectations. 

To be ready to take on tomorrow, brands must be ready to listen and evolve with changing audience needs and desires. Through extraordinary creativity and data led audience insights, we help brands evolve to behave differently by challenging sector norms and connecting with consumers in more imaginative and meaningful ways.

So, whether your branding challenge comes from market changes or a new business strategy, we’re here to help get your brand in shape for tomorrow. 

Campaigns & Content

A brand’s true value can only be measured in how powerfully it is brought to life for its audiences. 

To do this successfully, you need a branding partner with a progressive, data-driven approach. An approach that combines real creativity with deep audience insights that will ensure your brand connects in the right way, with the right people - at the right time. 

As part of the Equator Group, we combine four decades of branding experience with data-led, digital transformation expertise. We connect all channels: from web to social, print to TV and radio, in-store to on-shelf and from environments to exhibitions. 

We ensure every communication becomes an opportunity for a brand to connect with people. We build brands that turn today’s challengers into the leading brands of tomorrow. 


As part of the Equator Group, we deliver the intelligent, intuitive experiences that today’s consumers expect. From strategy through to complete digital transformation, we are driven by data, powered by technology, and inspired by people. 

What we offer:

— Transformation Consultancy
— Business Analysis
— Customer Experience Design
— Engineering
— Digital Marketing
— Data & AI

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