Primary School Library Alliance
Brand Campaign

In a concerted effort to address educational disparities across England, the National Literacy Trust and Penguin Random House joined forces to form the Primary School Library Alliance. This initiative sought to develop a campaign that would bring awareness to the shocking statistic that only 1 in 4 children in England had access to a school library. With the challenge of engaging a varied audience – from parents to policy influencers - the campaign had to strike the delicate balance of captivating the general public, while earning the respect of publishers and decision-makers. 

Under the campaign theme 'Libraries for Primaries' we introduced the positioning ‘Books inspire; readers revolutionise’.  This helped underscore the transformative impact of reading and its potential to create societal change. We brought the campaign to life with a carefully crafted visual identity designed to embody the campaign’s ethos. This was reinforced with a suite of brand messaging that delivered thought provoking headlines and key statistics which together formed a recognisable and engaging brand presence.

We created of a wide array of campaign assets including exhibition materials and promotional items that helped ensure that the campaign successfully bridged the gap between the PSLA and its wider audience. Leveraging storytelling and strategic branding to attract diverse support and to lay the groundwork for future initiatives and policy reforms. 


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